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Oval Magnet Examples
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Oval magnets can be purchased in any size or dimension at StandOut Stickers. Oval shaped magnets and stickers are becoming more and more popular when designed as a white oval with black letters, mimicking car origin stickers from Europe, but often used in the United States to represent sports of all types.

At you can design oval magnets online in your browser and get a free instant digital proof to approve before you order. Checkout is a breeze and in days you’ll be holding your custom designed oval magnets. When you’re ready to restock your magnets, reorders are always 15% off with code REORDER15

Our Oval Magnets are printed on durable 24mil thick flexible magnetic material and printed with premium eco solvent inks to provide a brilliant full color print that will look great for years. Oval magnets feature a magnetic pull rating of 88lb per square foot of material. They will cling tight, and the bigger they are, the stronger they’ll hold.

Oval magnets are perfect for magnetic signs. It’s a shape that gets attention! Our minimum order for oval shaped magnets is just 75 magnets. Pricing per magnet is reduced significantly for larger quantities.

Some examples of oval magnets are below, but if you’d like to see our ever growing gallery of Oval Magnet Sample Photos, visit our website.

Oval Magnets for CLE Clothing Company

The photo above features high quality magnets with an oval shape for one of our best local customers, CLE Clothing Company. We have been creating custom stickers for CLE Clothing Co. for years. This oval magnet design is reminiscent of the black and white oval car stickers referenced above.

PRIDE Oval Magnets

The photo above is a very close up view of some small PRIDE magnets. Notice the subtle texture of the magnetic material and the bright colors produced by our incredible 8 color digital printer. We are capable of producing very accurate and high quality full color magnet printing with our top of the line digital printers.

215 Gear Oval Fridge Magnets

Above is another example of a black and white oval magnet design for 215 Gear. These large oval magnets are perfect oval fridge magnets. Our custom oval magnets are very collectable and your customers and fans will love displaying your oval shaped logo magnet for years!

The best part about our custom oval magnets is how they are reusable. Stickers are great, and can go pretty much anywhere, but our flexible custom oval magnets are durable and reusable, which makes them something that people will hold on to and enjoy for years to come.

So please, Order Oval Fridge Magnets today, design them in your browser, get a free instant digital proof and free shipping on orders over $25 shipped to cont. USA with code FREESHIP

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Circle Magnet Examples
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Round magnets are easy and fun to customize in your browser at – when you do, you’ll get a free instant digital proof to approve before you buy! Circle magnets are our most popular standard magnet shape and can be printed at any size.

Our minimum order is just 75 circle magnets and there are significant price breaks per magnet at larger quantities. All of our full color magnets are printed with high quality eco solvent inks and are made of durable 24mil thick magnetic material. This flexible magnet has a magnetic pull rating of 88lb per square foot. You’ll find the process of ordering custom magnets is very easy, just like when you order custom stickers!

View the examples of circle magnets below and check out our circle magnet sample photos page if you’d like to see more! These high resolution magnet sample photos help you see our quality before you order circle magnets!

Parks Project Circle Magnets

Round Magnets for Parks Project

The round magnets above for Parks Project feature logos and artwork that make them collectable for fans of the clothing brand. Order several different circle magnet designs to create a collection of custom magnets that your fans and customers will want to collect!

Wash Your Hands Circle Magnets

Decorate your refrigerator with our high quality flexible circle magnets. The Wash Your Hands circle magnet above features high quality magnet printing and is suitable for displaying in kitchens or bathrooms. Our circle magnets make great custom fridge magnets. They’re removable and reusable with no residue, unlike custom stickers.

Coronavirus Magnets - Stay Smart, Stay Apart

The photo above features a closeup of circle magnets to show the thickness of our magnetic material. This heavyweight magnetic material means that our magnets stick to any magnetic surface without fear of falling off. Throw them on a fridge door with confidence that they’ll stick where you put them.

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Rectangle Magnet Examples
Categories | Custom Magnets

If you are looking to make a magnetic sign, take out menu magnet, or photo magnet, our rectangle magnets are a great choice! Our custom magnets are printed in any rectangular size or dimension that you want and you can design custom magnets in your browser and get a free INSTANT digital proof!

Our rectangle magnets are printed with your custom artwork on thick 24mil(.61mm) magnetic stock with our premium eco solvent inks. This means a vivid full color magnet that looks great and holds strong with its 88lb per square foot of magnetic pull. The bigger rectangle magnet you order, the stronger it holds! Rectangle magnets are a classic shape that is easy to design, and loved by all!

Take a look at the rectangle magnet sample photos below and if you’d like to see more, visit our website.

Rectangle Magnets for Bass Brigade

These rectangle logo magnets for Bass Brigade were printed in various color ways which makes them very collectable magnets.

Rectangle Magnets for Happy Hour Shades

These large rectangle magnets feature vivid full color artwork for Happy Hour Shades. Our high quality eco solvent inks make your custom magnet artwork sing and our cutting-edge digital printers print with 8 different colors of ink for extreme color accuracy. In fact, we’ve recently been granted G7 Master Facility status for our color reproduction abilities. You can rest assured that your full color rectangle magnets will come out looking beautiful.

Rectangle Magnets for Parks Project

Magnetic souvenirs and signs like this design for Parks Project are high quality, reusable, and collectable magnets. Delight your customers and fans with a rectangular magnet they can proudly display for years to come.

Enjoy introductory pricing on all custom magnets for a limited time!

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Die Cut Magnet Examples
Categories | Custom Magnets

Our amazing new Die Cut Magnets can be printed in any size or shape! Just like our die cut stickers, when you order die cut magnets you upload your custom artwork and within 24 hours we will reply with your free digital proof! Your die cut magnets are then manufactured with premium 24mil thick magnetic material and printed in vivid full color with our eco solvent inks.

Custom magnets printed by StandOut Stickers have an 88lb per square foot magnetic pull rating, which means they’re effective at any size, but the larger magnet you order, the stronger they hold! Die cut magnetic signs can be cut in large custom shapes and make for effective signage.

If you need logo magnets, our die cut magnets are the perfect solution. Create a magnetic logo that people will be proud to display and enjoy introductory low pricing on all custom magnet orders for a limited time!

Die Cut Magnets are durable, fun, collectable and reusable! Order Die Cut Magnets today or check out more Die Cut Magnet Samples on our website!

Die Cut Magnets

The above photo of die cut magnets feature our new flexible magnets character! Get one of these magnets free in any order from or for a limited time.

Full Color Printed Magnets

Our die cut magnets are printed in vivid full color like the example above for Happy Hour Shades. Our eco solvent inks are bright and durable, for sharp and impressive printed magnets!

Die Cut Logo Magnets

The photo above of StandOut Stickers logo magnets show the thick material of our custom magnets. Each magnet is 24mil thick (.61mm) and features 88lb per square foot of magnetic pull!

Logo Fridge MagnetsLogo magnets are a perfect use for our die cut magnets. The above photo of magnets for Expedition Off Road feature a subtle die cut shape that sets off the logo design more than a standard rectangle shaped magnet would. If you need a collectable and reusable way for customers and fans to display your logo, choose our die cut magnets.

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Custom Magnets now available!
Categories | Custom Magnets

We are pleased to announce our first new custom product since we opened in 2009: Custom Magnets!

You can now create flexible custom magnets in any size or shape. Ordering custom magnets is just like the process when you order Custom Stickers. Custom magnets are available in all of the same shapes and sizes as custom stickers and you can use our free online tool to design custom magnets in your browser! When you do, you’ll get an instant digital proof to approve before purchasing.

Enjoy limited introductory pricing on our custom magnets! No additional costs for die cut or unique size magnets. Our custom magnets can currently be purchased for the same or less than our custom stickers!

Custom Magnets by StandOut Stickers

Our high quality custom magnets are printed on thick magnetic material (24mil) and feature vivid high resolution graphics printed with our premium eco solvent inks. These flexible fridge magnets feature 88lb per square foot of magnetic pull. What’s that mean? It means they cling tight to any magnetic surface, and the larger they are, they better they stick!

Custom magnets are perfect as fridge magnets or magnetic signs. You can create logo magnets or magnetic business cards, magnet Save The Dates, photo magnets and more. The limit is your imagination!

If you need a unique magnet shape, go with die cut magnets which can cut to any size or shape. Our expert art team will send you a free digital proof to approve before printing to ensure die cut perfection, every time! Die Cut Magnets can be ordered as few as 125 magnets.

If you’re looking for standard shapes like circle magnets, oval magnets, square magnets or rectangle magnets, you can order as few as 75 magnets.

We have new galleries of custom magnet samples for you to check out before you buy! But rest assured that all custom products by StandOut Stickers are high quality and you won’t be disappointed!

Die Cut Magnets
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