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Welcome to the StandOut Stickers Blog (Page 2 of 87)! Here you can find news about our high quality kiss cut stickers, die cut stickers, coupons for cheap stickers and other posts about our custom vinyl stickers. But it's not all sticker talk! We also feature content and sales on custom magnets, custom floor decals and cut vinyl decals.

Expanded 24/7 Local Order Pickup

Good news for local customers! We have expanded our fleet of outdoor order pickup boxes to ten boxes! The boxes are located on the west side of our parking lot. There is a new sign in the lawn to show you which side of the building to park.

Our pickup boxes are accessible and illuminated at night. We’ve had customers successfully pickup orders at all hours of the day with this new system, so come when you’re ready!

Thanks for choosing local pickup! And as always, feedback is welcome on the pickup process. We want to make it as seamless as possible.

24/7 Local Order Pickup at StandOut Stickers in Brunswick, OH

Last Modified: July 31st, 2023

New Lower UPS Prices

We’re pleased to announce that we have negotiated lower rates for UPS shipments! Now, in addition to being Carbon Neutral, all UPS shipments will be more affordable.

It’s important to remember that you can get free shipping on any order shipped to the contiguous United States with code FREESHIP

Thanks for choosing StandOut Stickers! We’re constantly striving to provide better service and products to our loyal customers.

Last Modified: July 5th, 2023

Custom Stickers and Magnets Made in USA 20% OFF

Did you know we proudly print on USA made materials? Our magnet material is even manufactured in the same state we print cut and ship them from: Ohio! At StandOut Stickers we like to Keep it Local whenever possible, and that’s why we’re running a 20% OFF MADEINUSA sale along with our sister company Pure Buttons

Whether you order custom vinyl stickers or flexible magnets from StandOut Stickers, or you go with any number of custom promotional products from Pure Buttons, they are all made under the same roof, right here. If you haven’t tried Pure Buttons, now’s your chance!

Start an order at StandOut Stickers and use code MADEINUSA for 20% OFF for a limited time.

Or head over to order from Pure Buttons. We offer a nice selection of high quality and affordable custom merch beyond just stickers and die cut magnets.

Take 20% OFF with code MADEINUSA at and

Last Modified: May 12th, 2023

You Can Now Order Custom Sticker Packs Online!

It’s been a long time coming, but you can now order custom sticker packs online. Choose from four top card sizes and use our sticker pack templates to create a custom top card for your pack.

Our custom sticker packs are a retail ready product that groups a variety of stickers and other merch into one desirable package with a custom printed top card stapled to a clear poly bag.

Top card sizes come in 4,5,6 and 9 inch wide options. The smaller three sizes are 1.5″ tall when folded, and the 9 inch top card is slightly taller, at 2 inches tall when folded.

Make sure to pick a top card that is just a bit larger than the size of the largest product in your pack. If we notice an issue with appropriate pack size, we’ll reach out to discuss before production begins.

Syncsort Custom Sticker Packs printed by StandOut Stickers

Then add a matching amount of custom stickers, custom magnets, or cut vinyl decals to your cart.

The pricing found on the order page is for the top card and pack assembly service. The full cost of each pack varies based on the amount and size of other products you add to your pack.

We will verify all the details and provide proofs before manufacturing your custom sticker packs, so there’s no worry! Just follow our easy to use templates or design your stickers and magnets online to get professional results. We’ve recently created sticker packs for brands like 7-Eleven, Muse, Paramore and so many more!

And last but not least, don’t let the name fool you. These aren’t just sticker packs. We can put all of our products into a custom merch pack. Magnets, Stickers, Decals of any and every shape can be included into your totally unique pack. Go nuts! We’re here to make you look good.

Last Modified: May 8th, 2023

Custom Decals Now Available To Order Online!

StandOut Stickers has been a go-to source for many customers looking to order cut vinyl decals for years. After some feedback, we have adjusted our website to now allow ordering of custom window decals online!

Until now though, we have required customers to e-mail for ordering. This is because of several reasons outlined below. But if you’re ready to order custom decals, grab your vector artwork and head to StandOut Stickers!

Arena Swimwear Logo Cut Vinyl Decals

This custom product is different from our regular printed custom stickers, in that it is a single color design cut out of solid colored vinyl.

Your design’s negative space is then “weeded” or manually removed. Next, a layer of masking tape is applied over the top. This lets you apply a decal design with floating pieces, much like the window lettering you’ll see on business doors, or even on car windshields.

Our custom decals are weather resistant and can perform for years indoors and outdoors. The solid colored vinyl is not printed, so there is no ink to fade, scratch or blur via sun exposure.

While we can print just about any artwork as a full color printed sticker, our cut vinyl window decals require special artwork and we’ll explain what kind and what the difference is.

Custom Decals Require Vector Artwork

Most images you see on your screen are called “Raster” or “Rasterized” graphics. These are made of pixels and when you enlarge or reduce the image size the pixels must be recalculated by the program displaying or printing the image. When you enlarge a raster graphic you most certainly lose fidelity as the software tries to “fill in” the details with limited information. When shrinking raster graphics, the fidelity loss or “pixelization” is less noticeable.

Vector artwork is an image that is made of data points that represent filled paths. These paths make shapes that can be scaled perfectly up and down with no loss in quality because they don’t represent a fixed quantity of pixel information.

Vector shapes can also be sent to cutting machines to tell the blades or lasers where to cut. These vector cut paths are used to create Cut Vinyl Decals out of rolls of solid colored material.

Cut Vinyl Decals Require Single Color Artwork

Since these decals are not “printed” they require your design to be one single color. This color doesn’t really matter, as the design is “cut” into a solid colored material of any color you request. The first most important thing is that you design is vectorized. After that, you’ll want to make sure the entire design can be translated as one color.

If you would like a two color or even a three color decal installation, you’ll want to separate the elements of your design and order them as unique decals. See the photo below for a two color decal install we recently did at our new offices.

While we offer glossy black and glossy white as our default options at no additional cost, you can pick any of our custom decal colors for your order. Simply choose “Custom” on the vinyl color customization and enter your preferred color in the cart notes field when checking out. If you forget to note which color you want, no worries. We will be in touch during the proofing process before manufacturing your custom decals.

Custom Vinyl Decals Require Simple Artwork

Finally, it is important to recognize the limitations of the cutting and weeding process involved with cut vinyl decals. It is also important to recognize that delicate designs create weak decals.

We need to sometimes simplify a design to create a reasonable decal cut path. Including a ton of fine details like dust, dirt and scratches makes for an impossible manual weeding task, and also reduces the durability of the installed decal.

We like most free floating pieces of a cut vinyl decal to be at least 1/8″ wide.

Designs with dirty splatter effects or detailed halftone styling will not be able to be produced quickly. Lots of tiny thin elements are also not good for durability. The larger area that a decal has to effectively cling to the surface, the better. We can help advise changes or simplify your design for a reasonable fee if it is deemed too complex or fragile.


We require vector art files for ordering custom decals online (.ai, .eps, .pdf). Please contact us ahead of ordering if you have any questions or concerns about your design or the vectorization process.

You can order multiple colors of cut vinyl decals and combine them to make multi-colored installations like this one, that you’ll find when you visit us at our new headquarters in Brunswick, OH!

Attention Customers - Visit Main Office In Back Cut Vinyl Decal at StandOut Stickers Headquarters

Watch: Here is quick video we made on the topic of installing cut vinyl decals. This video is brief and these tips are best for small decals. For larger decal installations we recommend using a decal installation spray called Rapid Tac to help give you a little play with the decal when it hits the surface.

Last Modified: April 18th, 2023

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