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Hackintosh Kiss Cut Sticker Sheet by Lacko

We love these awesome stickers by Lacko Illustration, a take on the classic Apple Logo. You can buy these kisscut sticker sheets at the Lacko Etsy Store!

Custom Stickers for Tattoo Parlor Seppuku Tattoo
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Check out these fantastic, detailed custom vinyl stickers we made for Seppuku Tattoo in Bloomingdale, NJ.

If you’re in the area, head on in and get an expertly-designed and illustrated custom Tattoo!

This closeup shot shows our high-quality, thick and opaque sticker material. This sticker features a lot of great detail that our cutting-edge printers handle with ease.

Robot Envy Art Book features SOS Sticker Sheet!

Checkout this AWESOME artsy package put together by one of our customers Robot Envy.

You can get your own for $15 at

This package includes a sticker sheet by StandOut Stickers, a rectangle sticker with 4 Kiss Cuts.

Notice how the little kiss cut sticker is peeled up out of the sticker? This is a beautiful photo example of a great kisscut!

Diecut? KissCut? Both? What does it all mean?

We’ve had some customers express confusion about the meaning of “Diecut” and “KissCut” so we hope to clarify this with the graphic below.

DIECUT: Custom-shaped stickers. Our cutters cut through the sticker material and the backing material to give your custom sticker a shape that is as unique as the artwork on it!

KISSCUT: Kiss Cut stickers include light cuts within the border of your stickers. When stickers are created with kiss cuts, it means they can be peeled out of the backing material and the backing material remains. Multiple Kiss Cuts on one sticker are usually called a “sticker sheet”.

Below: Examples of diecut stickers:

Above: Custom Diecut Vinyl Sticker for WMC Fest

Above: Custom Diecut Vinyl Sticker

Above: Custom Diecut Vinyl Sticker for Brandiose

Above: Custom Diecut Vinyl Sticker for Beast Wreck

Below: Examples of kiss cut stickers:

Above: Square Vinyl Sticker with a single Kiss Cut

Above: Square Vinyl Sticker with 7 Kiss Cuts

Above: Rectangle Vinyl Sticker with 4 Kiss Cuts

Above: Rectangle Vinyl Sticker with a whopping 27 Tiny Kiss Cuts (special order)

Hopefully the pictures of different sticker options helps bring a better understanding between the difference between die cut and kiss cut stickers and will help you decide what you need when ordering your custom stickers or sheets of kiss cut stickers from StandOut Stickers!

Customer Showcase: Jublin
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Check out these adorable custom diecut vinyl stickers from the artist Justin White, aka Jublin. His illustrations of injured Pokemon can be purchased as art prints from the artist’s website, along with many other fantastic illustrations. We’re so lucky to have such talented customers!

Check out Jublin’s website and his webstore and support talented artists.

Jublin - StandOutStickers

Jublin - StandOutStickers

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