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Welcome to the StandOut Stickers Blog (Page 50 of 91)! Here you can find news about our high quality kiss cut stickers, die cut stickers, coupons for cheap stickers and other posts about our custom vinyl stickers. But it's not all sticker talk! We also feature content and sales on custom magnets, custom floor decals and cut vinyl decals.

Custom Stickers with our luxury matte finish

Usually we put a weatherproof high gloss finish on our custom stickers. For customers looking for a silky smooth matte finish, look no further! For a small upgrade fee, our custom stickers can be coated with a weatherproof matte finish that gives you stickers a soft, luxury look.

Contact us today for a quote on matte finish stickers!

These stickers for Navitas Naturals organic food company feature our matte finish upgrade which is hard to see in photos due to its anti glare properties. But in person it makes these stickers StandOut!

Vinyl Custom Stickers Matte Finish

Vinyl Custom Stickers Matte Finish

Our matte finish gives our custom stickers a more luxurious glow. The finish still offers the same weatherproof properties as our gloss finish but gives your design a ‘softer’ look. Contact Us today for a quote on custom matte stickers.

Vinyl Custom Stickers Matte Finish

Vinyl Custom Stickers Matte Finish

Vinyl Custom Stickers Matte Finish

Vinyl Custom Stickers Matte Finish

Last Modified: April 29th, 2014

Next month at Stickers Club: CAT-BOT

Next month’s Stickers Club design is called CAT-BOT by Erica Sirotich and features tough little kitties in a yarn mech! This Pacific Rim style cuteness is going into mailboxes around the country very soon!

Join The Club and secure your place in the Cat-Bot Army!

Stickers Club Collectable Sticker

Join now, get them all.
As a member of the stickers club you get every sticker club design we print this year. In fact, you get TWO of every sticker for the price of just $30.

Every month we will mail you two fresh stickers to slap wherever you want. New artists monthly, and great new designs made just for the Stickers Club!

We also offer all of last year’s stickers, and a 2013 sticker pack with 29 stickers for sticker fans who want to complete their collection.

Stickers Club Collectable Stickers

Last Modified: April 23rd, 2014

Vote for our sponsored teefury design to return!


Our TeeFury promotion is over, however TeeFury has a great feature on their website that lets you vote for a design to come back for purchase. Go ahead and visit TeeFury and put in your bid for Jared Moraitis‘ HOTH Icee parody shirt to return for purchase if you missed out on this great design!

Stay turned for more TeeFury promotions from StandOut Stickers and Pure Buttons

Last Modified: April 21st, 2014

Free HOTH Sticker with every order!


We’ve teamed up with Tee Fury to sponsor today’s HOTH shirt design by Jared Moraitis. Buy a shirt for just $11, and get a free premium vinyl sticker!

Support independent art that is fun and creative! Check out

HOTH Tee Fury Beast Pop Jared Moraitis

Last Modified: April 18th, 2014

HOTH Tee Fury Sticker Promo – Friday!

HOTH Tee Fury Beast Pop Jared Moraitis

We are teaming up with TeeFury, an awesome website that puts out a unique t-shirt every day! In an effort to support one of our favorite sticker artists, Jared Moraitis (aka Beast Pop), we are including a custom sticker with every order of his HOTH t-shirt!

The HOTH shirt will launch tomorrow, April 18th and be available ONLY tomorrow! Get this free premium weatherproof sticker with your order.

HOTH Tee Fury Beast Pop Jared Moraitis

Buy the HOTH shirt tomorrow, get this sticker! It’s that easy. TeeFury shirts are limited edition, only sold for a limited time, and very affordable.

HOTH Tee Fury Beast Pop Jared Moraitis

Lets make this TeeFury release a popular one! See you at TeeFury!

HOTH Tee Fury Beast Pop Jared Moraitis

HOTH Tee Fury Beast Pop Jared Moraitis

Last Modified: April 17th, 2014

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