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Custom Sticker Quality Comparison

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We recently got curious. Just how well do we stack up against our competitors? So we ordered from one of our closest competitors and took some photos side by side so you can see our quality vs theirs.

In the photos below, you will see our Sticker of the Month for March 2014 by Kina Forney. The rectangle sticker with the kiss cut is printed by StandOut Stickers. The circle sticker is the same artwork sent to our competitor for this test. We will analyze each photo below to show you how clear it is that StandOut Stickers makes the best custom stickers.
StandOut Stickers Vs. Competition

Above: Notice right off the bat, the round sticker has a graininess with lower contrast colors. The StandOut Stickers Sticker (rectangle) has a gloss finish, where the competitor sticker has a matte finish which reduces color intensity. It isn’t as apparent in the photo above but you may notice the circle sticker is slightly fuzzier in clarity than the rectangle sticker. Especially noticeable in the faces of the baby foxes. The black lines are more crisp and sharp in the StandOut Stickers rectangle sticker in the background.
StandOut Stickers Vs. Competition

Above: We see in this super closeup the real quality differences start to show. These images come unedited from the same photograph. On the left, you see the StandOut Stickers version. The baby fox black outlines and inner color details are sharp and visible. Notice in the highlighted areas in the version on the right, the black seems to be smudged and blurry. Pieces of the design seem to be missing or blurred.

Definition in the highlighted area in the top is reduced to a blurred mess in the competitor sticker.

Also notice the design of various shades of orange in the fox fur on the left, is blurred and less defined in the competitor sticker on the right.
StandOut Stickers Vs. Competition

Above: It may be hard to tell from this photo, but the sticker material used in StandOut Stickers is much heavier and thicker. We also use material that has a white front and a gray back. This helps to reduce light from penetrating the design to ensure quality appearance in all situations like window installations where light can fade or reduce visibility of stickers.

The competitor sticker is printed on thin white vinyl that doesn’t feel as substantial. Both stickers are coated for uv and weather protection, but the standout stickers coating is glossy for increased durability and color enhancement. The competitor sticker has a matte finish that gives the colors a dulled appearance.
StandOut Stickers Vs. Competition

Above: This side by side shows just how much more crisp the StandOut Stickers print (left) is than the competitor sticker (right).
StandOut Stickers Vs. Competition

Above: Notice the color intensity on the StandOut Stickers print (right) and the crisp lines in the varying tones of orange in the larger fox head. These lines aren’t as crisp on the competitor sticker (circle on the left). Also, note the black lines in the competitor sticker seem much fuzzier. Take a look at the tuft of hair in the fox ear on the left, and then on the StandOut Stickers print on the right. The StandOut Stickers print is much more accurate and clean.
StandOut Stickers Vs. Competition

Above: We have a closeup of the same photograph. On the left is the competitor sticker print. Notice the faded colors, and blurry lines. Most noticeably the lines in the tufts of hair in the ears are much thicker and grainy. Overall the colors are less solid. The print on the left is grainy and fuzzy and the print on the right (StandOut Stickers) is solid and bold.

These thicker lines are representative of printer registration issues. Layers of color are built up to make dark values. If these color layers aren’t precisely aligned, you get blurring and lower clarity as seen in the competition sample above (left). We take great care to make sure your sticker printing comes out perfectly sharp!

Overall, standout stickers color and lines show less pixelation and offer solid, deep color that sets our stickers apart from the competition!

Last Modified: May 12th, 2014

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