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Die Cut Stickers 20% OFF This Week Only!

It’s finally time! Our custom die cut stickers are 20% OFF with code DIECUT20 this week only. Enjoy a low minimum of just 25 stickers and your choice of glossy or matte weatherproof finish at no additional cost!

We make it simple to order die cut stickers. Simply upload your artwork, logo or photo and provide notes about where you’d like your cut line. We’ll send you a free digital proof via email within 24 hours and get your stickers into production asap.

If you’d like to see samples of die cut stickers before you order, we have a large gallery of sample photos to give you ideas for your own sticker designs.

Our prices are lower than the competition and our quality is higher. It’s a no-brainer… let us help you StandOUT!

Die Cut Stickers 20% OFF with code DIECUT20 at StandOut Stickers

Last Modified: October 3rd, 2022

Cut 20% OFF the Price of Die Cut Stickers

This week we are excited to announce that our popular die cut stickers are 20% off with code DIECUT20

Custom Die Cut Stickers 20% OFF with code DIECUT20

Our Custom Die Cut Stickers can be printed at any size or shape, and we make it easy with free digital proofs. Our team of experts will take your artwork and prepare a beautiful contoured path to make sure that your die cut stickers turn out perfect every time.

A sale on die cut stickers only comes around every now and then, so make sure to take advantage of this offer while you still can!

Order Die Cut Stickers

Last Modified: March 14th, 2022

Die Cut Stickers, Magnets & Floor Decals New Lower Minimum!

We are pleased to announce that our high quality die cut stickers, die cut magnets, and die cut floor decals now have a minimum order of just 75 pieces per design. This is lowered from the previous minimum of 125.

Now all of our custom products have the same low minimum of 75 pieces, making printing die cut stickers and the rest more affordable than ever!

Example Photos of Die Cut Stickers, Die Cut Magnets, and Die Cut Floor Decals

Why did die cut stickers have a higher minimum quantity?

Die cut shapes simply take longer to produce. 1) Setting up a unique path takes longer for our art team to carefully craft. 2) The physical act of cutting the unique shape is a slower process than clean and simple standard shapes like circle, square, oval, and rectangle.

In the past, we established incentives like a lower minimum quantity and lower pricing for standard sticker shapes because of how much easier they are to print and cut.

Now that we’ve grown, we have more printers and cutters available to produce more intricate stickers in better time, so we brought die cut stickers down to a lower 75 piece minimum! You can now order die cut vinyl stickers starting at just $25 with free shipping to cont. USA when you use coupon code FREESHIP

Our custom sticker pricing remains some of the lowest in the industry, however our quality remains as excellent as ever. Our thick vinyl stickers, flexible die cut magnets, and anti-slip die cut floor decals are all of the highest quality and sure to make your brand look its best.

Unfortunately die cut shapes are not available to be designed online. They require our expert art team to make sure the cut line looks perfect… but simply upload your artwork, logo or photo and provide cutline notes in the provided fields. Our team will get you a digital proof to approve before we print, and make any changes you request.

We take the hassle out of printing custom stickers and more at

Last Modified: December 15th, 2021

Die Cut? Kiss Cut? What does it mean?

We’ve had some customers express confusion about the meaning of “Die Cut” and “Kiss Cut” so we hope to clarify this with the explanation below. If you’re wondering “What does kiss cut stand for?” you came to the right place!

DIE CUT: What does die cut mean? This term simply means custom-shaped stickers. Our die cutters cut through both the sticker material and the backing material to give your custom die cut stickers a shape that is as unique as the artwork on it!

KISS CUT: What does kiss cut mean? Custom kiss cut stickers include light cuts within the border of your stickers. When stickers are created with kiss cuts, it means they can easily peel out of the backing material and the backing material remains intact. Multiple kiss cuts on one sticker are usually called a “sticker sheet”.

We offer kiss cut sticker sheets with any number of individual kiss cuts on them. Simply choose a sticker sheet size and shape, then choose the number of kiss cuts or “stickers per sheet” you’d like on it.

Regardless of what kind of custom stickers you order, our die cutting machines will produce a clean and accurate cut line, even with delicate designs. StandOut Stickers specializes in high quality sticker cutting on stickers of all shapes and sizes.

Below: Examples of die cut stickers:
Custom Die Cut Vinyl Sticker for WMC Fest

Above: Custom Die Cut Vinyl Sticker for WMC Fest

Custom Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

Above: Custom Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

Custom Die Cut Vinyl Sticker for Brandiose

Above: Custom Die Cut Vinyl Sticker for Brandiose

Custom Die Cut Vinyl Sticker for Beast Wreck

Above: Custom Die Cut Vinyl Sticker for Beast Wreck

When setting up your custom sticker sheet artwork, we recommend keeping 1/8 of an inch or more between your cuts and the outer edge of your sticker sheet. This spacing ensures a higher quality quality result that is easier to peel .

You can read more about our artwork requirements at our website.

We provide digital templates for a variety of sticker sizes and shapes, and also offer template help if you’d rather just send us your image. No worries, we can even help you set up your custom cut paths.

We’ll make setup easy and digital proofs are free with every order. We won’t print until you’re satisfied with your proof. 

Below: Examples of kiss cut stickers:
Square Vinyl Sticker with a single Kiss Cut

Above: Square Vinyl Sticker with a single Kiss Cut. Notice how the square sticker has an organic shape kiss cut that peels out. This allows the artist to include some business card style contact information but let the receiver peel out the artwork and place it anywhere without the text.

Square Vinyl Sticker with 7 Kiss Cuts<

Above: Square Vinyl Sticker with 7 Kiss Cuts. This is commonly referred to as a “sticker sheet”. Kiss cut sticker sheets can include uniform peel out shapes or unique shapes as seen above.

Rectangle Vinyl Sticker with 4 Kiss Cuts

Above: Rectangle Vinyl Sticker with 4 Kiss Cuts. This Robot Envy sticker sheet has 4 unique peel out kiss cut shapes.

Rectangle Vinyl Sticker with a whopping 27 Tiny Kiss Cuts (special order)

Above: Rectangle Vinyl Sticker with a whopping 27 Tiny Kiss Cuts (special order).

Hopefully the pictures of different sticker options helps bring a better understanding of the difference between die cut or kiss cut stickers. We hope this explanation will help you decide what you need when ordering your custom stickers or sheets of kiss cut stickers from StandOut Stickers!

All of our full color stickers are printed with the same manufacturing process. These are all high quality waterproof vinyl stickers printed with durable eco-solvent inks and coated with a UV-resistant laminate finish. You can choose between original high gloss or luxurious satin matte finish at no additional cost. Update: We also now offer a glitter finish on all of our custom stickers (including kiss cut sticker sheets!)

Our customer service is second to none and we offer free shipping on all orders shipped to the contiguous USA.

We hope you’ll give us a shot. As our name implies, our high quality and attention to detail will make your stickers Stand Out!

Last Modified: July 29th, 2012

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