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Our Outdoor Stickers Look Great Rain or Shine!

If you’re looking for a high quality sticker that will stand the test of time outdoors, look no further. Our outdoor stickers are built to withstand all weather and daylight conditions for years to come.

We print our custom stickers on durable weather-resistant vinyl material. Your full color sticker design is then protected by a 3mil protective laminate layer in your choice of glossy, matte, or glitter.

This combination creates a weather-resistant outdoor-suitable sticker that you can trust to last for a very long time.

We see a wide variety of use cases for our custom weatherproof stickers and wanted to write a little about how you can use these incredible stickers in a variety of outdoor applications.

The circle stickers shown below read CERTIFIED FORKLIFT DRIVER. These stickers could be attached to hard hats, ID badges and more. They feature a glossy finish and are built to stay brightly colored and readable in any weather conditions.

Certified Forklift Driver Outdoor Stickers

The die cut stickers below feature graphics for the East TX Jeep Club. These are more than likely going to be used as bumper stickers or car window stickers, so their weatherproof glossy finish is perfect for looking good on the road.

East TX Jeep Club Weatherproof Stickers

The rectangle sticker below is more like a standard bumper sticker. True Temper steel bicycle tubing used our weatherproof outdoor stickers to advertise their durable products.

True Temper Bicycle Tubing Outdoor Stickers

The warning labels below are built to go on some dangerous electrical machinery. In an application like this, it is important that the colors stay vivid and readable for years to come. Our weatherproof stickers are up to the task!

Weatherproof Stickers for Warning Labels

The rounded rectangle stickers below are for an industrial training organization. They deal with a lot of outdoor machinery and safety training. These outdoor stickers will remind people to stay safe when operating dangerous machinery.

Rig It Right ITI outdoor stickers

The Kenyon Noble hardware store in Bozeman, MT printed these small die-cut logo stickers to advertise with their customers. Surely many of these stickers made their way onto trucks, toolboxes and hard hats over the years. Their outdoor durability lets them stay looking great and serve as an effective advertisement for many years to come.

Kenyon Noble Hardware Outdoor Stickers

Finally we have these excellent die cut logo stickers for Enkei Wheels. As an automotive wheel company, these stickers are likely to find their way onto many outdoor surfaces like car windows, bumpers, toolboxes and more. Our high quality full color printing and durable laminate finishes will ensure that these weatherproof stickers look as great as Enkei’s high quality products.

Enkei Wheels Die Cut Logo Stickers for Outdoors

Last Modified: April 24th, 2022

Full Color Stickers In Three Unique Finishes!

At StandOut Stickers, we specialize in printing high quality full color stickers. Our durable vinyl stickers are printed on cutting edge technology with long lasting eco-solvent inks and durable laminate finishes to protect your printed stickers from the elements, scratches, and fading.

We are capable of printing full color stickers in any size and shape and wanted to show a couple colorful samples and talk about what makes these particular full color sticker samples so excellent.

First we start with a die cut full color sticker for clothing company Big Bud. The brightly colored logo and bold black outlines make this uniquely-shaped sticker pop! Even if you don’t know what this sticker is advertising, something about it makes you want one for yourself.

Big Bud Die Cut Full Color Stickers

Next we have a logo sticker for ROAR Organic Electrolyte Infusion. This full color sticker design features an instagram-filter image of a palm tree and our satin matte finish for a high end look.

Roar Organic Electrolyte Infusion Circle Full Color Stickers with Matte Finish

The colorful stickers below were part of a large sticker pack for a streaming platform called VRV. Featuring a wide variety of cartoon characters and caricatures of famous movie & TV icons. The bright colors make every one of these square sticker designs eye-catching and attractive!

VRV Square Full Color Stickers

The small die cut stickers below were printed for a food company called Blizz. Their brightly colored logo really jumps out at you when printed in full color with our glossy finish.

Blizz Veggie Fruit Die Cut Full Color Stickers

Red Rum International is an outdoor boating / sporting company and their full color logo is perfectly captured on this circle sticker with a glossy finish. The colors are fresh, vibrant, and on-brand!

Red Rum International Circle Full Color Stickers

This rainbow colored sticker for Buzzfeed is die cut in an eye-catching shape. Nothing says “full color stickers” quite like a literal rainbow sticker!

Buzzfeed Rainbow Die Cut Full Color Stickers

This black and gold die cut sticker for Gold Thumbz cannabis looks great in our glossy finish.

Gold Thumbz Die Cut Full Color Stickers

Finally, our glitter finish doesn’t change the color of your full color stickers, but it does make them react to light in a dazzling way! This sparkly sticker finish is a great way to set your full color stickers apart from the crowd! Similar to a glitter flake found in automotive paint, add some sparkle and shine to your next order of full color stickers from StandOut Stickers!

Full color stickers with glitter finish

Last Modified: April 23rd, 2022

Oval Car Stickers Get Noticed!

A current trend in bumper sticker design is to choose oval car stickers. You may have recognized these oval stickers on car windows or bumpers, but wherever you find them, oval car stickers are here to stay!

Oval car stickers have been used to advertise anything from personal best stats in sports to various locales as souvenir stickers. They are really popular to use for any reason now! Brands of all types have turned to oval car stickers as a way to get noticed.

The original graphical style of oval car stickers that you may recognize is a white vinyl oval sticker with a black ring around the edge, with bold Helvetica letters or numbers, much like the sticker for Oculus VR pictured below. Often times there will be a smaller bit of text on the top or bottom of the oval ring. You’ll find many oval car stickers in this simple black and white style. Others have used a similar layout but go for a color instead of black ink.

Oval Stickers for Oculus VR

The oval bumper stickers below for 215 Gear follows a similar design style while using the company’s logo as the main text inside the oval. They have included Virginia Beach, VA along the bottom border of the oval in keeping with the standard oval car sticker layout.

Oval Stickers for 215 Gear Virginia Beach VA

If you’d rather go with a full color sticker, see this example by Saint Mark Lutheran School. This oval car sticker is printed in an eye-catching red and white color scheme. Oval car stickers can be used to identify vehicles in a parking lot, like a long-term parking pass, or they can be used to encourage fundraising efforts by schools, clubs and teams!

Oval Stickers for Saint Mark Lutheran School

Back to the standard black and white oval car sticker style, this design by the National Speech and Debate Association includes large text and a small logo.

Oval Stickers for National Speech & Debate Association

Needless to say, this style of oval bumper stickers is not going anywhere. If you’d like to print something similar, check us out.

You can design oval car stickers online in your browser. We even offer various design elements like borders and rings to set up a an oval car sticker design much like the examples above. When you design oval stickers online, you’ll get an instant digital proof to approve before checking out!

Last Modified: April 22nd, 2022

Black and White Stickers Look Awesome!

At StandOut Stickers our custom stickers can be printed in full color or black and white, it’s up to you! We wanted to take a moment to showcase some striking black and white stickers and talk about ways to make your next black and white sticker design Stand Out!

Pro Tip: Rich Black Values

When designing a black and white sticker, make sure your black values will produce a dark, solid black called “Rich Black” Learn more about Rich Black Values in CMYK and tips for designing for print with black in our FAQ.

Black and White Stickers for Beer Code Co

The sticker shown above for Beer Code Co. features our satin matte finish and an iconic die-cut badge shape with smooth rounded edges. This striking black and white sticker design is sure to get noticed from a distance!

Black and White Die Cut Stickers that say Vibes

This sticker keeps the good vibes highly visible with a strong black and white design and a unique die cut shape.

Black and white stickers for Squid Bikes colored in with Sharpie markers

The stickers above for BELL Bicycles “Squid Bikes” brand were printed as easy peel matte stickers. We took a moment to color them in with Sharpie markers for a fun experiment!

We offer three unique finishes on our custom stickers. Our glossy finish offers the highest contrast of the three. But a lot of customers who choose black and white designs have found that our satin matte sticker finish makes black and white stickers look fantastic, almost “luxurious” if we can be so bold.

Our newest sticker finish is glitter, which makes black and white sticker designs look completely unique. Take a look at the sample below to see how light dances off the glitter when applied to a black and white sticker design.

Black and white stickers with a glitter finish

No matter what sticker finish you choose, you can rest assured that all of our stickers feature the same high quality printing, thick vinyl, and weather resistance!

Die cut black and white stickers for Moonshine Pipe Co

This uniquely die-cut sticker for Moonshine Pipe Co. has a pleasing shape and a high contrast glossy finish.

Square black and white stickers for Goo Goo Dolls Inner Machine

These black and white stickers for GOO GOO Dolls (remember them?) feature a high contrast design in a glossy finish!

Black and white logo stickers for Hank Sauce

One of our favorite customers is Hank Sauce and they print their die cut logo stickers in a variety of colorways. This black and white version features a high gloss finish and its iconic fish shape can be identified easily from a distance.

Black and white logo stickers for CLE Clothing Company

Another local favorite, CLE Clothing Company prints their iconic guitar pick and crossbones logo in this hard-to-miss black and white color scheme that looks perfect as a die cut sticker.

Black and white stickers for Carolina Bauerhaus Artisan Ales

This diamond-shaped sticker for Carolina Bauernhaus Artisinal Ales features a high-contrast black & white logo and an easy peel feature that makes applying this black and white sticker a breeze!

Black and white die cut stickers for Bindle Coffee

We love our coffeee, and this black & white sticker for Bindle Coffee is die cut in an eye-catching shape!

No matter what shape or size your custom stickers need to be, consider printing them in black and white for a classic look that will stand the test of time!

Last Modified: April 21st, 2022

Thick Vinyl Stickers are High Quality Stickers

You probably know that our custom stickers are printed on durable, weather-resistant vinyl material… To be precise our vinyl sticker material is 3mil thick before we add the protective laminate over your custom sticker artwork.

After printing, our stickers are finished with your choice of glossy, matte, or glitter finish. This protective laminate film adds another 3mil of high-quality thickness… making our stickers clock in at a total 6mil thick!

Thick Vinyl Stickers Anatomy

When all is said and done you’re left with a thick vinyl sticker that stands up to whatever you throw at it. Indoors or outdoors, our thick vinyl stickers are more durable and good looking than the competition. And you can bet that our pricing always Stands Out!

Why does it matter how thick a sticker is? Well, to us, thick vinyl stickers mean quality. These are stickers that won’t rip or tear. They scream “high quality” from a mile away and they’ll make you look good. Plus they’re easier to handle. They won’t crease or bend in your hand like a thinner inferior sticker might. In short, thicker vinyl stickers are better vinyl stickers.

Thick vinyl stickers for Seppuku Tattoo

Above you can see how our thick vinyl stickers feature a gray backing adhesive. This lightly colored adhesive helps to block light, making your stickers appear more vivid when installed on windows and transparent surfaces! The printable face of our sticker material is a bright white to help your full color graphics pop! We then finish them off with a 3mil thick finish in your choice of glossy, matte, or glitter for ultimate weatherproof protection.

Thick stickers for Goodyear Footwear

Good Year is known for their durable rubber tires. Also they make shoes! These stickers for Good Year Footwear support the brand’s heritage by being made of long lasting thick vinyl.

We’ve even ordered from the competition and side by side our stickers are made of thicker vinyl and printed with higher quality resolution and color saturation.

Thick vinyl stickers

Just look at the shadows inside the roll on the edges of the sticker on the bottom. This sticker is for sure thicc and ready to look good indoors or outdoors, anywhere you want to stick it!

Last Modified: April 20th, 2022

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