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Oval Car Stickers Get Noticed!

A current trend in bumper sticker design is to choose oval car stickers. You may have recognized these oval stickers on car windows or bumpers, but wherever you find them, oval car stickers are here to stay!

Oval car stickers have been used to advertise anything from personal best stats in sports to various locales as souvenir stickers. They are really popular to use for any reason now! Brands of all types have turned to oval car stickers as a way to get noticed.

The original graphical style of oval car stickers that you may recognize is a white vinyl oval sticker with a black ring around the edge, with bold Helvetica letters or numbers, much like the sticker for Oculus VR pictured below. Often times there will be a smaller bit of text on the top or bottom of the oval ring. You’ll find many oval car stickers in this simple black and white style. Others have used a similar layout but go for a color instead of black ink.

Oval Stickers for Oculus VR

The oval bumper stickers below for 215 Gear follows a similar design style while using the company’s logo as the main text inside the oval. They have included Virginia Beach, VA along the bottom border of the oval in keeping with the standard oval car sticker layout.

Oval Stickers for 215 Gear Virginia Beach VA

If you’d rather go with a full color sticker, see this example by Saint Mark Lutheran School. This oval car sticker is printed in an eye-catching red and white color scheme. Oval car stickers can be used to identify vehicles in a parking lot, like a long-term parking pass, or they can be used to encourage fundraising efforts by schools, clubs and teams!

Oval Stickers for Saint Mark Lutheran School

Back to the standard black and white oval car sticker style, this design by the National Speech and Debate Association includes large text and a small logo.

Oval Stickers for National Speech & Debate Association

Needless to say, this style of oval bumper stickers is not going anywhere. If you’d like to print something similar, check us out.

You can design oval car stickers online in your browser. We even offer various design elements like borders and rings to set up a an oval car sticker design much like the examples above. When you design oval stickers online, you’ll get an instant digital proof to approve before checking out!

Last Modified: April 22nd, 2022

StandOut Stickers Sponsors Arizona Raptor Runs

We are proud to announce yet another sponsorship, this time with Arizona Raptor Runs! The guys at AZRR have been offering Ford Raptor meetups and guided off-roading trips through the Arizona desert and down through Baja for years.

We are happy to provide AZRR with all of the custom stickers, cut vinyl decals, placard stickers and other promotional stickers they need throughout the year.

We recently printed custom placard stickers featuring over 200 unique participant numbers for AZRR. These placard stickers were printed in two sizes as custom rectangle stickers.

Arizona Raptor Runs Placard Stickers

We also printed AZRR logo decals. These brake light decals are made of solid white vinyl that has been precisely die cut to the AZRR logo shape.

AZRR Arizona Raptor Runs Cut Vinyl Decals - Logo Decals - Installed

There’s nothing more punishing on custom printed stickers than the Arizona outdoor sun and temperatures. AZRR trusts SOS to beat the heat!

When you need custom stickers and decals that will stand up to extreme conditions, look no further than StandOut Stickers.

If you’re involved in motorsports we welcome you to try StandOut Stickers and see how our quality is second to none!

Check out AZRR on instagram for shots of their Raptor runs and meetups. You may spot some of our custom stickers and decals!

Last Modified: February 2nd, 2021

StandOut Stickers Sponsors Expedition X Off-Road

StandOut Stickers is proud to announce a sponsorship of Expedition X Off-Road!

Expedition X Off-Road, or EXO has been guiding adventurous Ford Raptor drivers through Baja excursions for years and we are pleased to provide them with a variety of custom sticker placards, cut vinyl decals, and sticker design services.

Expedition X Off Road

Photo courtesy of Expedition X Off-Road

Expedition X Off-Road stickers and decals are regularly exposed to extreme heat, rain, dust, dirt and debris. EXO trusts StandOut Stickers to provide durable, high quality products that stand up to the elements.

If you’re an off-road enthusiast looking for a unique vacation idea, check out EXO’s instagram and website to learn more about how to join them on a future outing!

They offer offer fast paced off-road expeditions as well as overland camping trips on the Baja California peninsula all year long.

These large placard stickers adorn every participant truck with a unique number so the group can easily identify other drivers.

Here is an example of a recent placard sticker for Expedition X Off-Road:

Custom Placard Stickers

We have actually sponsored EXO since 2019! Since then, many other off-roading enthusiasts have turned to StandOut Stickers for high quality stickers and decals that offer extreme performance.

It’s not just stickers and decals! We’ve printed a variety of custom merch for our sponsored friends, including these die cut fridge magnets:

EXO Expedition X Off-Road Die Cut Fridge Magnets

The image above is a sample photo of die cut fridge magnets featuring the EXO logo we recently printed for participants.

If you’re in a similar recreational automotive industry we implore you to try StandOut Stickers and see how our quality and service is second to none.

Last Modified: February 2nd, 2021

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