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Our Outdoor Stickers Look Great Rain or Shine!

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If you’re looking for a high quality sticker that will stand the test of time outdoors, look no further. Our outdoor stickers are built to withstand all weather and daylight conditions for years to come.

We print our custom stickers on durable weather-resistant vinyl material. Your full color sticker design is then protected by a 3mil protective laminate layer in your choice of glossy, matte, or glitter.

This combination creates a weather-resistant outdoor-suitable sticker that you can trust to last for a very long time.

We see a wide variety of use cases for our custom weatherproof stickers and wanted to write a little about how you can use these incredible stickers in a variety of outdoor applications.

The circle stickers shown below read CERTIFIED FORKLIFT DRIVER. These stickers could be attached to hard hats, ID badges and more. They feature a glossy finish and are built to stay brightly colored and readable in any weather conditions.

Certified Forklift Driver Outdoor Stickers

The die cut stickers below feature graphics for the East TX Jeep Club. These are more than likely going to be used as bumper stickers or car window stickers, so their weatherproof glossy finish is perfect for looking good on the road.

East TX Jeep Club Weatherproof Stickers

The rectangle sticker below is more like a standard bumper sticker. True Temper steel bicycle tubing used our weatherproof outdoor stickers to advertise their durable products.

True Temper Bicycle Tubing Outdoor Stickers

The warning labels below are built to go on some dangerous electrical machinery. In an application like this, it is important that the colors stay vivid and readable for years to come. Our weatherproof stickers are up to the task!

Weatherproof Stickers for Warning Labels

The rounded rectangle stickers below are for an industrial training organization. They deal with a lot of outdoor machinery and safety training. These outdoor stickers will remind people to stay safe when operating dangerous machinery.

Rig It Right ITI outdoor stickers

The Kenyon Noble hardware store in Bozeman, MT printed these small die-cut logo stickers to advertise with their customers. Surely many of these stickers made their way onto trucks, toolboxes and hard hats over the years. Their outdoor durability lets them stay looking great and serve as an effective advertisement for many years to come.

Kenyon Noble Hardware Outdoor Stickers

Finally we have these excellent die cut logo stickers for Enkei Wheels. As an automotive wheel company, these stickers are likely to find their way onto many outdoor surfaces like car windows, bumpers, toolboxes and more. Our high quality full color printing and durable laminate finishes will ensure that these weatherproof stickers look as great as Enkei’s high quality products.

Enkei Wheels Die Cut Logo Stickers for Outdoors

Last Modified: April 24th, 2022

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