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Custom Wall Graphic for Hinckley Police Department

We recently got an opportunity to add a little customization to a local police department’s exercise room. The Hinckley Ohio Police Department is just a few minutes down the road from our new Brunswick, OH headquarters. We printed a large shield-shaped logo on special wall graphic material that is created precisely for cinderblock walls.

The installation process was relatively easy. First we chose a spot, then lined up the decal and made sure it was level. Next, the decal was installed like any sticker would be, but after applying the decal we hit the graphic with a heat gun which allows it to shrink into the pores of the cinderblock. When it’s done, it almost looks like a painted-on part of the wall!

We’re happy to lend a hand to local law enforcement in any way we can. Thanks to the Hinckley Police Department for having us.

Hinckley Police Department Wall Graphic Installation

Last Modified: December 5th, 2022

Custom Wall Decals for Montrose Ford of Fairlawn Conference Room

Every now and then we are able to contribute to unique projects that involve off-menu products, or unique design, printing, or cutting requests by customers. We are back with another wall graphic job for our favorite local car dealership.

Montrose Ford of Fairlawn, OH had us back to give their conference room a makeover. We created wall decal graphics similar to the designs we printed for their automotive showroom earlier this year. To see more photos and details of that project, read more about our Massive Custom Wall Graphic! Wall Decal Design & Installation for Montrose Ford

This conference room is now decked out in incredible Ford Bronco graphics printed on our stucco texturized wall graphic material. The design, printing, and installation process was similar to the first wall decal installation, but on a smaller format. You can read in great detail about the steps used to produce a project like this in the link above.

Take a look at the full graphic and then the installed wall decal version below:

Montrose Ford Conference Room Wall Mural

Above is the flat proof of the custom wall decal design. Below, you’ll see the installed decal.

Wall decal mural installation

We think it turned out great! This custom conference room wall decal was produced by Rival Wraps and installed by our friends at Apex Signworks

Last Modified: September 14th, 2021

Massive Custom Wall Graphic! Wall Decal Design & Installation for Montrose Ford

The gang at StandOut Stickers have been dipping our toe into wall graphic and wall decal printing in recent months. We have shared a few images on our instagram of these products in production. While we do not yet offer them on our website, we have begun working with local businesses for wall graphic design and installation services under the name Rival Wraps.

Recently Rival Wraps had the unique opportunity to work with an area Ford dealership to do something special for their Roush Performance showroom.


Montrose Ford had a massive blank wall that was begging for something unique to help showcase their collection of Roush Performance vehicles. Roush Performance offers a line of premium performance-oriented Ford vehicles such as Raptors, Super Dutys, Mustangs and more.

Clocking in at 13 feet tall by 65 feet wide, this jumbo blank canvas was transformed with an industrial brick and steel beam look wall graphic featuring exciting photos of Roush vehicles in action.

Montrose Ford Fairlawn Custom Wall Graphic


During the design phase, several concepts were tested, and finally it was decided that an industrial brick look was the one to go with. We would split the wall into sections using steel beam graphics and this would allow us to feature photographs of vehicles that use diffrent lighting and source quality, while still feeling as if they were part of a cohesive design. To add excitement, we created the graphic as if these vehicles were tearing out of a printed poster. We added smoke and dirt effects to give a bit of life to these static images.

A large part of the design phase was considering the logistics of such a large canvas. What DPI should the final artwork be? What kind of computer is needed to process such a massive design? When designing graphics for such a large surface, you usually assume that they will be viewed from a considerable distance, but this graphic would be right next to people, even on the door they pass through, inches away from eyes. Extreme care needed to be taken with resolution and image quality.

Montrose Ford Fairlawn Custom Wall Graphic

The plain white doorway was reimagined to look like a steel safe embedded in a brick wall. Flanked by logos and a menu of services. (the light switch was wrapped after this photo was taken to give a more seamless look)

During the design phase it was decided that the dealership logo and text around the doorway was the best anchor point to begin installation. In the process of setting up the panels for printing, the design was sliced in a way to facilitate installation anchored around the doorway.


The entire wall graphic was split into 16 unique panel files. Four inches of bleed was provided to account for any irregularities encountered during installation with 1/2 inch of overlap between panels.

Montrose Ford Fairlawn Custom Wall Graphic

Our wall graphic material is a highly textured vinyl with a stucco look. This adds organic appeal to the surface and helps to hide some irregularities or seams in the installation surface. This texture also adds some three dimensional depth to the printed wall graphic.

The massive wall graphic panel files were then printed on a wide format sticker printer, filling the roll of material as wide as it could go, and then printing over 13 feet of length per panel. Extra care was taken to make sure such a large printing job did not encounter any visual flaws. Ink levels were closely monitored as over 845 square feet of image area was printed in rich saturated colors.

The printed panels were rolled carefully and set inside the orignal material boxes awaiting the installation team.


How do you start installing a graphic this large? Our friends at Apex Sign Works took the lead on installation. With years of experience installing larger than life decals on everything from walls like this to semi trucks and more, they were ready to tackle the job which only took about 8-10 hours from start to finish.

Starting over the doorway, the wall graphic panels were then installed to the left and right. Each panel included one half inch of overlap to help the seamless look of the installation.

Montrose Ford Fairlawn Custom Wall Graphic

Extra care was even given to wrapping the inset doorway, with extra brick pattern wrapped into the threshold and a fully designed door graphic fashioned after an industrial metal safe.

The giant wall graphic installation was completed with precision in just one day. Using a scissor lift, the team carefully installed 17 panels that spanned from floor to ceiling. Taking extra care to align the large wall graphic panels for a seamless look was tricky, but in the end, it came look looking incredible!

Montrose Ford Fairlawn Custom Wall Graphic

If you are in the northern Ohio area and are interested in a truly outstanding custom wall graphic design and installation like this, contact us to get started.

Last Modified: March 4th, 2021

New Product: Custom Wall Graphics!

We can now produce high-quality custom die cut wall graphics for any application. Below you can see how a baby room can be customized with these graphics. We hope to have more samples soon, and we’ll be launching a page for this product in the near future.

If you’re interested in getting full color, custom die cut wall graphics created, shoot an email to with a preview of your art, dimensions of your graphic, and the quantity you desire, and we’ll get you a custom quote!

custom die cut wall graphics

custom die cut wall graphics

custom die cut wall graphics

custom die cut wall graphics

Last Modified: February 16th, 2012

Rolling Wall Graphics – Video!

Below is how we package every wall graphic job. Here is a quick video that shows how we roll our wall graphics. If you are interested in ordering wall graphics please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can do as little as (1) or as many as (100,000) wall graphics. So let us become your custom wall graphic printer!

Last Modified: June 20th, 2011

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