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Custom Floor Decals Available Now

We are pleased to announce our second new product line this year! Custom Floor Decals are now available to order online. Your floors have a LOT of potential for advertising to or informing your visitors, so why aren’t you putting them to work?

If you’re familiar with our website and ordering process, we offer the same shape options when ordering floor decals:

Die Cut Floor Decals
Circle Floor Decals
Square Floor Decals
Oval Floor Decals
Rectangle Floor Decals

Simply choose the floor decal shape you desire and enter a size and quantity. Our standard shaped floor decals have a minimum of 75 floor decals (circle floor decals, square floor decals, oval floor decals, rectangle floor decals) and our die cut floor decals have a minimum of 125 decals.

If you’re interested in ordering large floor decals, our minimum quantity lowers based on surface area per decal. 100 sq inches per decal (10″x10″) has a minimum order of 10 floor decals. 144 sq inches per decal (12″x12″) has a minimum of 5 floor decals. Floor decals with a surface area of 400 square inches or more have a minimum order of just one floor decal. Please contact us to place a low minimum quantity order of large floor decals.

For floor decals under 144sq inches (12″x12″), you can design them in your browser in our free customizer tool and get an instant digital proof to approve before you checkout.

Our custom floor decals are made of a heavy duty, thick pvc vinyl material with a textured slip-resistant surface. Floor decals are reinforced with a fabric material and strong adhesive on the back.

Floor decals are meant as temporary floor signs and can be removed easily with little to no residue left behind.

Take a look at our Custom Floor Decal Samples below to see the incredible textured anti-slip surface of our full color floor decals.

Die Cut Floor Decals for Pure Buttons

Our floor decals have a textured anti-slip surface seen above. We print our full color floor graphics with resilient eco-solvent inks for brilliant color reproduction.

Rival Wraps Die Cut Floor Decals

We print full color floor decals but the black and white floor decals for Rival Wraps pictured above are stunning. Consider a bold floor graphic design for floor decals that will get noticed!

Welcome To American Pool and Fountain Die Cut Floor Decals

Use our custom floor decals to welcome visitors to your business. The die cut floor decal above welcomes visitors to American Pools and Fountains.

Whether you call them floor decals, floor signs or floor graphics, our newest product will help you grab attention. This versatile product can help direct foot traffic, encourage social distancing, advertise, or welcome visitors. Order custom floor decals today and put your floors to work for you!

Last Modified: July 22nd, 2020

Examples of our Slip Resistant Custom Floor Decals

We have recently unveiled a series of helpful floor decals to direct foot traffic and remind people to keep social distancing and increase hygiene.

These slip-resistant floor decals feature a textured pvc surface and strong adhesive that removes with little to no residue. Take a look at the photos of these excellent floor decals and see if you could use them in your place of business.

Order Custom Floor Decals & for a limited time we are offering 20% off floor decals with code FLOOR20

These high resolution floor decal sample photos showcase the unique anti-slip texture that is only available on our custom floor decal product!

Do Not Enter Floor Decal

Do Not Enter Floor Decal

Do Not Enter Floor Decal

The floor decals above are our Do Not Enter Floor Decal. This floor graphic features a bright red design and a slip-resistant floor decal texture which ensures that these floor decals do not pose a tripping hazard. Use these directional floor decals to help create a directed flow of foot traffic to increase social distancing among the visitors to your business or facility. You can even use these to just mark locations that are off limits to non-employees or visitors.

Directional Arrow Floor Decal

Directional Arrow Floor Decal

Directional Arrow Floor Decal

These Directional Arrow Floor Decals are perfect for directing foot traffic to help enforce social distancing. You can also use these arrows anywhere you could like to give a visual cue to your visitors. These floor graphics can be installed in any position making them a truly versatile floor decal design!

Wash Your Hands Floor Decal

Wash Your Hands Floor Decal

Wash Your Hands Floor Decal

These Wash Your Hands Floor Decals help remind people to keep up their hygiene to reduce the spread of disease. These high impact floor decals are perfect for application in kitchens and bathrooms where people may need a little reminder to wash their hands. Our custom floor decals have a slip-resistant texture which makes them perfect for environments where there may be occasional wet surfaces.

Keep Your Distance Floor Decal

Keep Your Distance Floor Decal

Keep Your Distance Floor Decal

Finally, our most popular floor decal design is the Keep Your Distance Floor Decal which can be installed with 6 foot spacing between them to help guide your visitors or workers to maintain a 6 foot distance and encourage social distancing. These high quality floor graphics get noticed due to their vivid full color printing and 11.5″ wide size.

Last Modified: May 28th, 2020

20% Off Coronavirus Floor Decals

We are pleased to announce a sale on our popular coronavirus floor decals. Many companies and cities across the country have chosen these durable and high quality floor decals to help maintain social distancing and remind people to wash their hands during this difficult era of COVID-19.

These custom floor decals measure 11.5″ wide and feature a stronger adhesive than our custom stickers. Our floor decals are made of a high quality pvc vinyl with a textured non-slip surface for safety. This thick and durable floor decal is designed as temporary signage. Lifespan of the floor graphic depends on the density of foot traffic in the applied location.

Choose from our two high quality floor decal designs. The Keep Your Distance Floor Decal will remind people how to form a line while keeping 6 feet from the next person to help reduce the spread of disease.

Our excellent Wash Your Hands Floor Decal is suited for bathrooms and kitchens, or anywhere people may need a reminder to maintain proper hygiene.

Use code FLOOR20
to take 20% off when you order floor decals.

Coronavirus Floor Decal Sale

Last Modified: May 7th, 2020

Keep Your Distance Floor Decal

We are pleased to announce a new product! Floor Decals! These KEEP YOUR DISTANCE Floor Decals are 11.5″ wide and are made of a durable PVC material with a non-slip texture and stronger adhesive than our custom stickers.

We also offer a WASH YOUR HANDS Floor Decal for purchase! Our coronavirus floor decals are offered for a limited time for just $5 each.

If you’d like to design custom floor decals, please contact us.

Floor decals are meant as temporary signage and stick strong while removing with minimal to no residue. Floor Decal printed graphic lifespan depends on the installation location and amount and type of foot traffic.

Keep Your Distance Floor Decal

Keep Your Distance Floor Decal

Keep Your Distance Floor Decal

Last Modified: April 27th, 2020

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