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20% OFF Social Distancing Signs & Floor Decals

We have updated our FLOOR20 coupon to include our social distancing signs and our coronavirus stickers. This pandemic is not going in the direction we need and raising awareness is important to help flatten the curve! These signs help to protect your customers and employees!

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Many states like Ohio now require businesses to post a “mask required” sign on their entryway. Our MASK REQUIRED signs do just that. These 11.5″ Round vinyl stickers are weather-resistant and ready to be displayed in all locations; indoors and outdoors. We offer the face mask required signs in three color variants: red, blue and green.

We also offer a variety of social distancing floor decals. Our social distancing floor decal designs include mask required, as well as multiple options reading “6ft apart” and directional arrow floor decals.

Our floor stickers are made of textured, slip-resistant PVC and feature a stronger adhesive than our vinyl stickers but are easily removed when you are ready. Built for foot traffic, they are great for high traffic areas like hospitals, schools and grocery stores.

Deck out your business in these helpful signs as we enter a very dark period in this battle. Please stay safe and healthy.

Contact our customer service if you’d like help placing a large or complex order. We are able to drop ship to multiple locations as needed.

Mask Required Sign

You can learn more about coronavirus (covid-19) at

Last Modified: November 12th, 2020

Social Distancing Signs Available Now!

When you need to advertise social distancing practices on doors, walls and windows, or any location other than your floor, look no further than our new Social Distancing Signs. These 11.5″ vinyl stickers feature bold graphics and a glossy weather-resistant finish. These social distancing signs can be installed indoors and outdoors and give you years of service in any location when installed on a clean smooth surface.

Face Mask Required Vinyl Sticker (Blue)

This large 11.5″ wide vinyl sticker features the words “FACE MASK REQUIRED – Thank You!” and a prominent illustration of a face mask. Display this sign on windows and doors to remind visitors that face masks are required in your facility. This social distancing sign can be installed indoors and outdoors. This sign design can also be purchased in a red or green color variant.

Face Mask Required Sign - Weatherproof Vinyl Sticker

6ft Apart Vinyl Sticker (Blue)

This social distancing sign reads “Please stay 6FT APART” which will encourage people to keep their distance when forming a line at your place of business. This sign is also available in red and green color variants.

6ft Apart Social Distancing Sign - Weatherproof Vinyl Sticker

We also allow you to customize these designs using your own logo and colors when you order social distancing signs in bulk quantities of 75 or greater. Simply choose the customize option from the dropdown under your preferred design on our Social Distancing Signs page.

Last Modified: August 17th, 2020

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