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Add a photo to your Stickers Review!
Categories: How To's

We’ve added a great new feature that lets you customize your review by adding a photo! Now you can share your amazing sticker designs with us and the rest of our customers! Thanks for sharing your reviews with us!

How to REorder Custom Stickers
Categories: How To's

If you’d like to place a reorder for custom stickers at watch this video for a step by step walkthrough of our easy reorder process.

A transcript of the video is below:

Hi everybody, today we’re going over reordering on

Click the “My Account” link in the top banner. Enter your email address and password, then log in.

Under “My Account” click the “View Previous Orders” link.

This is a list of your previous orders. Click the details link on the right side of the order that you’d like to REorder.

Take a look here at your artwork, the quantity and the size.

These will all be placed into your cart.

If you need to make edits, that’s something you can do.

Review your billing information, shipping information, and your contact information and click the orange REORDER button.

This adds your order to the cart.

It skips the artwork upload process. You’ll notice the artwork, quantity and size have all been selected for you. You can continue to checkout right now, or you can edit your order.

Click the green edit icon to edit the quantity.

You can change the quantity now if you need more or less than you did previously.

Let’s order ten thousand. Click save to continue.

Our order has been updated to 10,000 stickers.

Everything looks good let’s checkout.

Your billing, shipping and contact information should be saved from your previous order.

Take a moment to review it to make sure it’s correct, and continue through the checkout process.

Select your shipping option and view this Ground Shipping Map to see how long it

takes FedEx to get your order from us to you with the Ground Shipping method, our cheapest shipping option.

Click continue. Enter your payment information and review your order.

Everything looks good! Ten Thousand stickers on the way! Click the finalize order button to finish your order.

Order received, thank you! Take a minute to review the information on this page and share the love on twitter, facebook and google plus.

Review our digital proof notice and if you have any more questions, contact us at or livechat on regular business hours.

Wow my stickers turned out great!

Thanks for watching!

How Do I know where my sticker will be Die Cut?
Categories: How To's

This applies to Custom Contour Cut or Custom Die Cut Stickers only. If you our interested in ordering our standard shapes please use our sticker templates.

If you are unsure of how to set up a die line on your custom sticker leave it to our art team. They’ll make sure it’s perfect. (photo below) A customer wanted a contour cut around their sticker and needed our assistance. We sent over two digital mock ups so they could choose which looked best. The pink line around the sticker represents the “contour cut” and the black line represents the actual sticker die cut.

In this case the customer chose our Kiss Cut Stickers and kept a traditional die cut (4″ x 2″ Rectangle Sticker) to help keep the cost down. By going this route they were able to save a die fee.

Stay tuned for a photo shoot of this job completed.

How To Outline Your Fonts in Adobe Illustrator
Categories: How To's

By outlining fonts in Adobe Illustrator this will eliminate the error of us not having the fonts that you supplied us. You wont need to send us your fonts. Instead, when preping your file just take (one) extra step to convert to outlines.

Step 1: Select all your type / fonts

Step 2: Go to Type > Create Outlines

Step 3: You now have outlined fonts.

Now just save your file and submit it to us! To view other quick tutorials that we offer be sure to visit our How To spot on our blog.

Thanks for checking in.

Converting your RGB Image to CMYK in PhotoShop
Categories: How To's

Converting your RGB image to CMYK is as easy as 123! For your sticker file to be print ready you must convert your file to CMYK. Just follow these quick steps and you to can see how easy it is.

Okay, let’s get started.

To check if your file is set up using RGB or CMYK:

Step 1: Go to Image > Mode > Select CMYK (If it’s not already checked).

Step 2: You’re finished!! It’s that simple!

You’re now ready to send your sticker files to print.

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