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Why you should choose vinyl stickers over paper stickers or labels

Vinyl stickers are king! Ok, we’re biased, but hear us out. When you’re looking to print custom stickers, you need to consider a lot of factors beyond price.

It’s true that vinyl stickers are a bit pricier than paper labels, but they offer many advantages. These advantages increase the value and quality of anything the stickers are affixed to.

At StandOut Stickers we specialize in printing stickers on high quality weatherproof vinyl. We believe our vinyl stickers are superior to other types of paper stickers or paper labels.

Our stickers can be used on a variety of products. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, they offer many great benefits over cheap inferior sticker options.

When choosing a type of custom sticker to promote your brand or adorn your products you must consider the following:

Sticker Material Quality

The first thing to consider is the quality of your custom stickers. What kind of material are they printed on?

We print on 3mil thick vinyl sticker material. The vinyl sticker material is flexible but resists tearing. Unlike paper stickers, vinyl stickers are more durable.

After printing your custom stickers, we laminate them in your choice of satin matte finish, or original gloss finish. This 3mil thick UV resistant laminate protects the full color sticker printing from fading for years of outdoor exposure.

Finally we run your printed stickers through our Swiss computer guided cutting machines to produce a die cut sticker printed with extreme precision. This is the same precision machine that cuts our vinyl lettering and custom decals.

We only use the highest quality vinyl sticker material to ensure that we are printing the most durable vinyl stickers available.

Sticker Lifespan

How long do you need your custom stickers to last? If you’re just looking for a cheap throwaway label, then look elsewhere. But if you want something that stays looking great for a long time, then you’ve found your sticker company.

Vinyl stickers resist fading, tearing and peeling compared to paper labels or cheaper sticker materials. They are built to last in extreme outdoor conditions, and last much much longer when used indoors.

We say that our full color stickers are guaranteed to last 3-5 years outdoors. However, we have applied many stickers that have lasted much much longer. The lifespan of your vinyl stickers really depends on the application location and weather exposure. See more notes on water and temperature resistance below!

Sticker Thickness

In most things, thickness and weight means great quality. Our high quality vinyl stickers measure 6mil thick- thicker than most competitors.

Why does thickness mean quality? Thicker vinyl material is less prone to cracking, peeling and shrinking. Thick sticker material is easier to peel and apply and has an overall richer feeling in your hands.

Sticker Flexibility

Vinyl stickers are flexible and can be applied to many smooth surfaces, contouring to the shape. For example- round poles, vehicle window glass and so much more. Our vinyl sticker material will hold to any clean surface it is applied to.

Sticker Removability

Have you ever tried to peel off a sticker or label and had it tear? This frustration is caused by stickers printed on cheap paper label material. It is one of our top pet peeves.

We don’t print stickers that do that.

We do not print roll stickers on cheap paper material. Our cut to size stickers come as individual pieces.

All of our custom stickers are thick and durable. They stick where you want them but can be easily removed because the material is strong and doesn’t crack or tear.

Outdoor Exposure

Our custom vinyl stickers are guaranteed for 3-5 years outdoors. Many customers have reported their bumper stickers looking great for much longer!

Since the printed stickers are coated in a UV-Resistant laminate, they look great in any season, rain or shine.

Water Resistance

Our vinyl stickers are printed on weather resistant waterproof vinyl material with eco-solvent inks. These are permanent inks that do not bleed or fade when exposed to water.

To make our custom printed vinyl stickers bulletproof we laminate them with your choice of matte or high gloss finish. This lamination step further protects our durable full color stickers.

Go ahead, put our vinyl stickers on your surf board and hang ten!

Temperature Resistance

Summertime heat can be harsh on anything, but our vinyl stickers can take a beating and keep looking great.

We have even tested our vinyl stickers on cups and water bottles that regularly go through the dishwasher. They stay looking great!

The vinyl sticker material used at StandOut Stickers does not degrade like other inferior materials under high heat environments.

UV Resistance

Every vinyl sticker printed by StandOut Stickers is coated in your choice of satin matte or gloss laminate. This UV resistant coating helps ensure the durability of your custom vinyl stickers for years in any scenario.

We have done the research. We tested competitor stickers and labels next to ours in outdoor sun exposure tests. StandOut Stickers vinyl stickers won every time.


When choosing a material for your custom stickers it is important to consider more than just cost. Vinyl stickers have always been and will continue to be the superior option for sticker products.

StandOut Stickers is a great choice for custom sticker printing. We offer free shipping and quick turnaround in 3-5 business days. Try us out!

Last Modified: October 6th, 2020

How to Get Free Shipping on your custom stickers order!

At StandOut Stickers, we want to make printing custom stickers affordable. While we’ve got the highest quality stickers available, we are still at the mercy of USPS and UPS for delivery services.

We recently published a covid-19 shipping notice explaining that some rush delivery options may be less reliable or not guaranteed due to civil unrest or natural disasters. Unfortunately these types of events are out of our hands.

Our sticker production speed is still a quick 5 business days or less. So before you know it, your custom printed stickers will be shipped out in a lovingly-packed box.

Shipping services get more expensive by the day, but we’re here to help! Every order over $25 shipped to the contiguous USA can score free shipping by using coupon code FREESHIP – this is a coupon that we’ve offered for many years now and it is our most popular coupon!

We want you to try our high quality stickers made of thick vinyl material and coated with your choice of a gloss or matte laminate finish. This laminate coating helps protect the vivid full color ink from UV rays and all types of weather; helping your full color stickers remain free from fading, scratching or peeling. We are one of the only custom sticker printers to offer a choice between two unique sticker finishes.

So give us a shot, save on shipping, and put a smile on your face with StandOut Stickers!

Last Modified: September 28th, 2020

Custom Stickers are an excellent marketing tool in these trying times.

Looking for a way to advertise and promote your brand? Or maybe you’re getting a new company or a band started and you need to get your name out there. Our custom stickers are perfect advertising vehicles. Your stickers are exciting, collectable, and most importantly FLAT which means they can be shipped cheaply in a standard letter envelope!

Our high quality stickers will elevate your brand and make you look professional. Stunning high resolution sticker printing with your choice of gloss or satin matte finish, our weatherproof vinyl stickers set the gold standard for custom stickers.

Our minimum order is just 75 stickers for our standard shapes, but we also offer completely custom shaped die cut stickers with a minimum of just 125 stickers. We offer big discounts on higher sticker quantities and offer 15% off all reorders when you run out, which is sure to happen when everyone wants one of your awesome custom stickers.

In these trying times your comeback story starts here with custom stickers by StandOut Stickers!

Last Modified: September 1st, 2020

Cute Custom Stickers for Stationery Nerd!

We recently shared these cute custom stickers on our instagram profile, which if you haven’t followed yet, please do!

These adorable custom stickers are by Stationery Nerd, and you can buy these and many of her other custom sticker designs on the Stationery Nerd Etsy Shop.

We print all kinds of custom stickers for a variety of customers. Many artists and small businesses love our high quality and high resolution sticker printing services, but we also print a lot of logo stickers, bumper stickers and even product and warning labels for companies large and small.

Even if your custom stickers aren’t this cute, they’ll be sure to STANDOUT with StandOut Stickers!

Cute Custom Stickers by Stationery Nerd

Last Modified: September 1st, 2020

Large Custom Stickers – New Low Minimum Quantity!

Do you have a need for large custom stickers? If you’re looking for a large custom sticker sign or some other use where a large sticker is needed, we’ve got you covered.

Our new minimum order for large custom stickers is now just ONE (1) custom sticker if your sticker artwork is 400 square inches (20″x20″) or greater.

For custom stickers size 144 square inches (12″x12″) or greater, our minimum order is just five (5) custom stickers.

And finally, for custom stickers 100 square inches (10″x10″) or larger our minimum order is just ten (10) stickers.

Contact Us to order large custom stickers with low quantities. We’ll make it easy to order large custom stickers with our world-class customer service.

Last Modified: July 25th, 2020

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