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We recently had a customer tweet us a link to their blog, and we were thrilled with what we found.

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Diablo Texas, the art of John Gonzales

From the blog:
“…I decided to buy from two different companies and compare the out come. First I bought the popsicle design from Stickermule. It wasn’t too bad but the print looks fuzzy. It’s completely vector so there should be no chance of blurring. … it looks like the final laminate they put on it, bled the ink, ever so slightly so it’s not as crisp as it can be.

Next I ordered my logo design from Stand Out Stickers. It came out perfect

Over all the winner is: Stand Out Stickers.  It was such a crisp clean print… They will be providing you with super awesome stickers of love from now on.”

Diablo Texas Custom Stickers

It is always great to hear from happy customers, and it is especially good to hear that our constant investment in cutting-edge printing technology pays off! We’re confident that our quality is unmatched and this testimonial does a great job to show you why StandOut Stickers is the best quality product.

While other companies pay for lots of advertising to get your orders, StandOut Stickers invests in the highest-quality materials and printing technology, and we let that speak for itself!

Last Modified: November 21st, 2012

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