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Official The Office Merchandise – Schrute Farms Stickers

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Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica… We recently had the opportunity to print custom stickers for our favorite beet farm: Schrute Farms. We are fans of the NBC tv show The Office and were lucky enough to produce official The Office merchandise as custom stickers and custom buttons for the show. We manufactured a variety of 1.25″ Round Custom Buttons featuring graphics and phrases from the show, as well as a handsome die cut sticker for Schrute Farms, the famous beet farm of beloved character Dwight Schrute played by Rainn Wilson.

You can design custom stickers with our free and easy customizer tool. Simply choose a shape and a size to get started. You’ll get a free instant digital proof before you submit your order for printing! You can also use the same tool to design custom products at our sister company PureButtons. We aim to make printing custom promotional products as easy as possible!

The Office NBC Official Merchandise Schrute Farms Stickers

These glossy 1.25″ pin-back buttons feature the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company logo and were individually tagged for resale in national chains like Hot Topic.

The Office NBC Official Merchandise Dunder Mifflin Custom Buttons

Edit: We have printed a variety of The Office buttons since this blog was originally published. Check out these other hilarious The Office merchandise designs:

First up we have Scott’s Tots. This 1.25″ pin-back button features a design that reminds us of the most cringe-inducing episode of television ever made.

The Office NBC Official Merchandise Scott's Tots Pin-Back Buttons

Next up we have a Dwight Schrute FALSE button. The design and typograph is reminiscent of the Battlestar Galactica logo. This Dwight Schrute button is also printed as a 1.25″ round pin-back button and was individually tagged for retail.

The Office NBC Official Merchandise Dwight FALSE Custom Buttons

Finally we have a rather rude button which is a reference referencing a reference. “Dwight, you ignorant slut” is from a moment in The Office when Michael Scott referenced an old catchphrase from Dan Akroyd on Saturday Night Live.

The Office NBC Official Merchandise Dwight You Ignorant Custom Buttons

We hope you enjoyed this update to our growing collection of The Office merch. If you’re looking to print custom merchandise, you can trust us at StandOut Stickers and PureButtons. If we’re good enough for Dunder Mifflin, we’re good enough for anyone!

Last Modified: October 10th, 2018

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