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Glitter Sticker Ordering Expanded and Improved

Our glitter sticker finish has been expanded into its own product category. Now when you visit StandOut Stickers you’ll find pages for die cut glitter stickers, glitter sticker sheets, as well as all the standard sticker shapes: circle, square, rectangle, and oval.

Why did we do this? It was to provide more precise pricing control. Previously, glitter was a flat fee of 30 cents per sticker. Now we are able to adjust pricing based on surface area and quantity, which allows us to more accurately price the material and offer bulk discounts and standard shape discounts.

The majority of our customers should find that pricing on glitter stickers is similar to what it was. In some cases it may even be more affordable for smaller stickers! We calibrated our pricing tables to meet what most of our customers expected from previous experiences ordering glitter stickers as a customization. That being said, you may notice pricing has changed and now more accurately represents the cost of materials for every custom size or quantity.

If you have previously ordered glitter stickers as a custom sticker finish customization, you are still able to reorder these products, but it would be best to contact us for help in reordering under the new Glitter Sticker category. You’ll still receive your 15% reorder discount if you choose to use it.

Thanks for understanding as we adjust and grow! We are excited to be one of the only sticker companies offering this unique glitter sticker finish. If you haven’t seen this finish in person yet, you owe it to yourself to order glitter stickers today!

Custom Glitter Stickers by

Last Modified: October 9th, 2023

Glitter Stickers are Back!

Our popular Glitter Stickers were recently affected by supply chain issues, and we had to pull them from the website for what seemed like forever. But finally we’re pleased to announce that the glittery sticker laminate is back in stock and ready for purchase once more.

This special sparkly laminate is infused with semi transparent glitter which make all of your sticker designs sparkle and shine, similar to the look of a glittery car or boat paint.

Reminder, this is not a holographic ‘foil’ effect, but real genuine glitter stickers that offer a unique effect that STANDS OUT from the rest! Glitter stickers are a premium upgrade priced at just 30 cents per sticker.

Check out our glitter sticker samples if you want to see how this unique sticker finish reacts to light.

Choose Glitter finish when you order custom stickers of any size or shape.

Last Modified: January 11th, 2023

Get Your Shine On! Introducing Glitter Stickers!

We began our sticker journey with our original high quality vinyl glossy stickers. Years later, we added Matte stickers to our lineup and they were wildly popular. Now we present to you our exciting custom Glitter Stickers!

Custom Glitter Stickers D20

This new glitter sticker finish offers an ultra high gloss appearance with the inclusion of super fine, transparent metallic glitter. This is not a holographic foil effect, but instead real glitter flake similar to the finish you’ll find on automobiles and boats.

Like all of our custom sticker finishes, this glitter finish protects your vinyl stickers from fading, peeling and cracking or scratching. Our durable glitter stickers will shimmer and sparkle indoors and outdoors, rain or shine for years to come.

Our original glossy sticker finish is the choice for those looking for accurate color reproduction with rich, deep and vivid color appearance and a high-gloss shine.

Our matte sticker finish is for those looking for an upscale look. This low shine lustrous finish gives a high-end look to custom labels and logo stickers.

Our glitter finish is for anyone who wants to stand out! This new finish features an ultra glossy, wet-look surface with millions of super tiny transparent metallic glitter flakes that will flash and shine in the light and really get noticed. This finish may alter the appearance of solid colors a bit due to the way it reflects light and the base color of the silver metallic flake, however due to the high gloss nature of the finish, colors in your sticker design will look deep and vivid.

Take a look at our glitter sticker samples below or view all samples at the link. We prepared three colorways of the same sticker design to help you see how this glitter sticker finish reacts on different colors and textures.

Custom Glitter Stickers

Notice the sparkle across the glitter sticker design as a hard beam of light shines on its glossy surface. On the areas without direct light you can see the bright colors of the sticker design coming through with less visible glitter flakes.

Custom Glitter Stickers

The colorway above is done in our StandOut Stickers color scheme and you can see the glitter shining lightly across certain portions of the sticker design.

Custom Glitter Stickers

The black and white colorway above really shows how a flash of light really lights up the glitter in an exciting way.

There are many more sample photos on our website to help you get a better idea of what this sticker finish looks like at a variety of angles. That being said, it’s difficult to represent our glitter effect of this sticker finish in a single still photo. You really need to see it shimmer and shine for yourself!

Our glitter finish is available now as a premium upgrade on any of our custom stickers. To get started, simply order custom stickers of any size or shape and choose “Glitter” under the finish options.

Last Modified: February 26th, 2021

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