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Currently Die Cutting

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Fresh Off The Cutters – 9/8/11

We just finished die cutting an awesome looking order of custom stickers and we couldn’t resist taking a few pictures to share with everyone. Check them out below!

Freshly Cut Stickers – 9/7/11

We just finished die cutting an order of custom stickers for Teagueduino. Teagueduino is an open source hardware platform with real time feedback and always-valid code creation.

Teagueduino’s custom stickers rolling on our digital die cutter.

“Make Things”.

These custom die cut stickers look awesome!

These custom stickers were die cut to look like a saw-blade. Sweeeet!

Currently Die Cutting – Gozo Bonkers’ Stickers

We just finished cutting out an order of custom stickers for Gozo Bonkers. Check them out below!

One of Gozo Bonkers’ artworks rolling on our Graphtec digital die cutter.

And another artwork.

Here are a few of the other custom stickers that were already cut out.

These stickers look amazing!

Freshly Cut Stickers – Zamzee – 8/17/11

We are currently cutting out an order of custom stickers for Zamzee is an extremely cool, new way to get teens moving. Here is an excerpt from their website describing themselves:

“Zamzee is a platform for fun that’s powered by your movement. Our smart little meter records how much you’re moving around, and your activity fuels your online experience. Go shopping, take on challenges, and compete with your friends online. The best part? The more you go, the more you get.”

To learn more about Zamzee, you can visit their website by clicking here.

Zamzee’s custom stickers rolling on our digital die cutter.

Zamzee’s stickers from a different vantage point.

A close-up shot of these awesome custom die-cut stickers.

All punched out and ready to be shipped!

Currently Die Cutting – 8/15/11

Check out what we are currently die cutting!

Custom die cut stickers for James Vaughn.

These custom stickers look awesome!

Only thing left to do is to punch out all of these custom stickers.

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