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GoMedia Comes To Us For A Unique Project

I received a an email from Jeff over at GoMedia the other day with a rather unique question… Jeff’s email read … “I need your help.  I need some die-cut stickers (well, without the sticky part) asap.

Eager to hear the details, I gave Jeff a call to discuss the project. It turns out, they have a customer interested in a paper product that needs to be die cut. (The die cut characters dimensions were 0.9″ x 1.58″ pretty small.) After the part is die cut it will then need to be attached to a folding business card. All in all… a very simple project.. Just one minor problem.. The job needed to be done quickly and within budget!!! With a custom die taking almost a week to manufacture and the cost of the die was not in the customers budget… I had to make a quick decision to save the job…

As soon as I got off the phone, I found out the project would be possible without having costly die fees and setup costs. We ran a few tests and I then gave Jeff a call to let him know that the project was in fact doable and within budget!!!

Custom Die Cuts

This made me think.. What else is possible ….?

I’m going to leave it up to all of our customers and potential customers to try and stump us. Is there really a project we can’t do?

die cutting

The project is for a local film company in Lakewood, Ohio and will be screened at the Cleveland Film Festival in March. The movie is call “Pinned“.

Great job on the design GoMedia! If you’re looking for a design team to work on your next promotional project there’s no one better then GoMedia!

Also, the business cards were printed from a local printer here in Cleveland as well. What could be better then local support! The whole project was done here in Cleveland from customer to design to print.

Last Modified: February 15th, 2010

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