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How To Install Cut Vinyl Decals

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We have two new videos showing cut vinyl decals installation tips and examples. A transcript of the first installation video is below:

Stand Out Stickers makes high quality cut vinyl decals. This video will show you how to install them.

Use a straight edge like a credit card to smooth out the decal and adhere the vinyl to the top installation layer. Take your time with detail areas of your design.

Slowly peel the decal away from the background. You’ll see the sticky side of the decal is now exposed.

Take your time with this installation process, you only get one shot.

Press the decal down on one end and smooth it out on the surface slowly from one end to the other to prevent bubbles and rippling. Again, use your straight edge on the decal to press the decal into the installation surface.

Slowly peel back the top layer. Use the tool to press any pieces that want to come up with the top layer.

Press out any minor air bubbles with your fingers or smooth straight edge tool.

Your decal is now installed and ready for years of use.

Thanks for watching!

Also, make sure to take a look at our gallery of high quality Cut Vinyl Decal sample photos.

Last Modified: June 16th, 2014

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