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Custom Sticker Packs Pricing

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StandOut Stickers is a leader in producing high quality custom sticker packs and we have recently updated and clarified our sticker pack pricing. Our custom sticker packs feature a fully customized folded top card, printed with your unique graphics, and a clear mylar bag holding your custom stickers. Sticker packs are a truly retail-ready sticker packaging solution.

To calculate your custom sticker packaging costs, first you must decide on how many sticker packs you’d like to order. Pricing for the top card & assembly fee is now listed on our website. The cost is between $1.25 and $0.80 per pack based on quantity ordered.

Next, decide how many unique custom sticker designs you will include in each pack. You must order at least a matching quantity or multiples of the quantity of sticker pack top cards so that they evenly sort into the packs.

For instance if you wanted 125 packs, you’d need to order 125 custom stickers for each design you include in your pack. If you want multiples of the same custom sticker design, you’d double or triple the number of packs you’re ordering.

To get a few ideas for your own sticker pack design, take a look at what other customers have done in our custom sticker pack sample photos.

Once you’ve decided what your sticker pack will look like, please contact us with the details and our world-class customer service will make ordering custom sticker packs easy and fun!

Last Modified: July 31st, 2020

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