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Welcome to the StandOut Stickers Blog (Page 1 of 1)! Here you can find news about our high quality kiss cut stickers, die cut stickers, coupons for cheap stickers and other posts about our custom vinyl stickers. But it's not all sticker talk! We also feature content and sales on custom magnets, custom floor decals and cut vinyl decals.

Currently Printing – 8/18/11

Check out the custom stickers we are currently printing. Right now we are printing an order of 2.5″ square and circle stickers.

Smile Stickers being printed
These custom stickers are bound to make you smile!

Smile Stickers being printed
Our poor printer never gets a break :(.

Smile Stickers being printed
You can’t tell yet, but these stickers are going to be 2.5″ squares.

D! Circle Stickers being printed
Smiles are done printing – now it’s time for the 2.5″ circle stickers.

D! Circle Stickers being printed
A close-up shot of the 2.5″ circle stickers rolling on our Epson printer.

Last Modified: August 18th, 2011

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