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Free Custom Buttons Giveaway at PureButtons

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Wow. PureButtons just launched a Million Custom Buttons Giveaway, where new and existing customers can use a $24 coupon to get up to 100 free 1.25″ round custom buttons. Full details below.

Get your Free Custom Buttons

Go to to get the coupon code and full details on this unprecedented offer!

Make sure to share this offer with your friends on instagram, facebook, twitter and Pinterest. The offer is limited to 10,000 customers, 200 per week for 50 weeks, and it is first come first served.

Free Custom Buttons

Offer Details: One $24 coupon per unique customer throughout the promotion period. Coupon does not apply to shipping, order modifications, other custom products or taxes when applicable. Coupon must be redeemed at the time of issuance. Coupon credit applies only to orders of custom buttons sized 1.25 inches or larger. “Free Custom Buttons” refers to the custom buttons procured with the promotional coupon. This “One Million Custom Button Giveaway” is calculated as follows: 200 coupons per week for 50 weeks equals 10,000 individual coupons each worth $24, which is equal to the retail value of 100 1.25-inch round custom buttons. If all 200 coupons are redeemed by unique customers each of the 50 weeks, that will equal the retail value of 10,000 orders of 100 1.25-inch round custom buttons apiece, or one million such buttons. If not all coupons are redeemed, or if they are redeemed for different-sized custom buttons, then the number of actual buttons given away under this promotion may be fewer., LLC may release any amount of coupons at any time. Offer will run less than 50 weeks if coupons are released more rapidly than 200 per week. Coupon has no cash value and can be used only to purchase custom buttons from during the promotion period, which runs from November 1, 2018 to October 17, 2019. Not combinable with other offers.

Last Modified: November 1st, 2018

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