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Custom Glossy Stickers Are What We Do Best!

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We offer unique finishes at StandOut Stickers, but our original finish is custom glossy stickers!

All of our full color custom stickers are coated in a protective laminate finish to prevent fading and protect the stickers from scratches. Every one of our custom stickers are printed on weatherproof vinyl that resists tearing and peeling. This all comes together for durable stickers that will look good indoors and outdoors for years to come.

We normally try to hide the glossy shine in our sample photos to give you a better view of our high quality sticker printing, but we have picked a few sample photos that feature the glossy glare to give you a good idea of what you can expect when you choose this great sticker finish.

Below are a couple sample photos to show you how our glossy sticker finish protects the color printing on all of our custom stickers. This finish makes your sticker colors look rich, deep and vivid… but most of all, accurate.

Glossy Stickers for Electric Zombie

This Electric Zombie WHAT A RUSHHHH die cut sticker photo really shows off our glossy finish. On the right side of the photo you can see reflected light bouncing off the stickers’ glossy laminate. Stickers with black or high-contrast designs often reveal the most glare in flash photography.

Glossy Stickers for Marin Bikes

This simple Marin Bikes black and white logo sticker design shows off its glossy finish effortlessly. These weatherproof stickers are perfect for customizing your bike or vehicle and will look great outdoors for years.

Go with glossy stickers if you want deep, rich colors and a professional, slick finished product. Our glossy sticker finish is our most popular and is called “original gloss” for good reason!

How do you choose between matte vs glossy stickers? We put together a few details comparing and contrasting these two unique finishes and why you’d choose one over the other.

Last Modified: February 22nd, 2021

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